Microstrategy vs. Tableau Review Roundup

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Today’s Review Roundup is all about BI Solutions. In this post we’ll highlight several of the real user reviews comparing Microstrategy and Tableau posted on IT Central Station. Here are some key points from our community:steampunk_victorian_magnifying_glass_icon_mk6_by_pendragon1966-d5h4eq9

Arpit Agrawal, a tech Consultant says: “No tool in this world can meet each one of these requirements, but in my experience MicroStrategy provides a complete product, which meets most of the customer requirements…When we talk about MicroStrategy the first thought that comes into my mind is the core focus of the company, which is to deliver Business intelligence solutions, unlike other companies, which have their focus on different horizons. This, according to me, is the core strength of MicroStrategy as a company. ” Read his complete review here.

Marcel Magalhães, a Technical Business Executive says: “We are still measuring the ROI on this product but my overall advice I would give to others looking into implementing this product is that if they are looking at a platform (traditional BI and data discovery), Microstrategy is the really one good choice.” Read his complete review here.

On the other hand, several of our reviewers who compared the solutions felt differently about the relative advantages of Microstrategy over Tableau:

Vijay Madhavan, a Product Manager at a tech company says that after a recent presentation, several attendees asked him to compare these two products. He writes: “Tableau has found its sweet-spot as an agile discovery tool that analysts use to create and share insights. It is also the tool of choice for rapid prototyping of dashboards. Tableau is very flexible with its data import. Tableau’s data blending capability is very intuitive. This capability is useful when you have data spread across several different sources that has not gone through ETL processes.” Read his complete review here.

If you haven’t already, go to IT Central Station to read the full reviews of Microstrategy, Tableau, and other Business Intelligence solutions. You can also browse other reviews  — or be bold and write a review of your own!


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