Network Management Applications Reviews – Best of 2016

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What are network management applications?

In the network management model, a network management application (NMA) is the software that sits on the network management station (NMS) and retrieves data from management agents (MAs) for the purpose of monitoring and controlling various devices on the network. Network management applications are the brain behind your entire network management system, so you need to make sure you invest in a reliable one.

With 180,000+ professionals in the IT Central Station community, we’ve gathered network management applications reviews for the top solutions of 2016. Users discuss what they love about the top network management applications, where they see room for improvement, and discuss the stability and scalability of the major solutions in the field.

Network Management Applications Reviews from real users
Network Management Applications Reviews from real users

CA Spectrum

Topping the charts of network management applications product reviews, CA Spectrum leads in views and comparisons according to the IT Central Station community. Some of the most valuable features of this version according to our users include:

  • Detailed view of root causes for any unavailability within applications, servers, or networks
  • Fully customizable features
  • REST API for simple automation of everyday tasks including installation, adding users, and server allocation

Users also noted areas where they saw room for improvement, including utilizing more user-friendly code, offering more consistency across IM products, and better alarm management.

HPE Network Node Manager

The HPE Network Node Manager is known for its seamless scalability regardless of company size and its thorough reports and in-depth metrics. Additionally, managers can expect to find these features with HPE:

  • Easy integration with other tools
  • Clearly defined mapping of network topology
  • Clean, user-friendly graphic user interface

Some ways users felt HPE could make this product even better include offering better documentation, improved router management protocol, and smoother/more comprehensive configuration and setup.

CA eHealth

CA eHealth is an all-inclusive solution for your IT infrastructure, analyzing the most important metrics for real-time performance analytics. According to the most recent network management application peer reviews, users choose CA eHealth as a solution for many reasons, including:

  • Stability of the system
  • Robust data network
  • Intuitive navigation

On the downside, reviewers noted the software’s need for more robust reporting options, an easier HD authentication connection process, and more detailed reporting.

HPE Network Automation

According to network management applications peer reviews, HPE Network Automation is another good choice for your business. It’s an easy solution for automation, providing a consistent, stable, and comprehensive system that makes tedious and time-consuming tasks run routinely. IT Central Station reviewers appreciated these features in HPE Network Automation:

  • Auto-archiving for all network device contributions
  • Conscientious policy cross-referencing
  • Secure and fast device configuration

IT Central Station members would improve upon this product by including an FTP server, simplifying the customization stage after initial setup, and fixing minor software glitches.

BMC Patrol

Our experts also had plenty of positive network management applications reviews for BMC Patrol. Not only will this software allow you as a manager to have more control over the entire network via proactive event management, but reviewers also noted:

  • Smart and real-time alerts via database lining
  • Lighter on CPU and memory
  • Impressive monitoring and analyzing performance

Future changes users would like to see in BMC Patrol include a more unified monitoring framework for Patrol and BPPM, improved integration of those softwares, and better scalability.

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