New: Modular SAN Solutions — User Reviews: Q1 2017

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What are real users in the enterprise tech community saying about modular SAN solutions in 2017?

This week’s blog post looks at the newest modular SAN reviews from Q1 2017 on IT Central Station.

Users share their feedback on the features they’ve found most valuable, and where they hope to see room for improvement in these solutions:

HPE 3PAR Flash Storage

Valuable Features

“To me, the deduplication features and compression are really helpful”, writes a Category Manager at a government agency with 501-1,000 employees. “The all-flash integration is valuable. It’s high-density storage, so the total cost of ownership of the solution is good for a company.”

Room for Improvement

Pedar Ivar Iversen, Owner at Serit IT Partner, suggests “an easier solution for provisioning new servers.”

Iversen describes that “Currently we need to go in, set up a server, give the server names and functions, declare the number of gigabytes the server has for storage, and so on.”


Valuable Features

A Senior System Engineer at Amanox Solutions describes:

“Over the years Nutanix has added lots of enterprise functionality like deduplication, compression, erasure coding, snapshots, (a)-sync replication and so on.”

This engineer also writes how “Nutanix delivers full visibility down to a single virtual disk (e.g. a VMDK file) and every single hardware component. Predefined health checks are executed during a support case which will in most cases already narrow down the root cause considerably if not point it out directly.”

Room for Improvement

Scott Brousseau, CTO at PBG Networks, explains that “It has the ability to connect to Azure or AWS for storing backups.”

Brosseau shares that he “would like to have the capability to spin up a backup on Azure or AWS for disaster recovery purposes.”


Valuable Features
“The most valuable feature is the auto-tiering, which helps in the speed of data access”, shares Larry Manno, Senior SAN Engineer at a government agency with 501-1,000 employees.

Manno adds that “We have a big VMware storage pool in each of our three arrays and we have never had users complain about the response of any VM in our environment.”

Room for Improvement

Brad Eley, Network Analyst at a healthcare company with 1,000-5,000 employees, explains that “The management software used for the VNX is Unicenter. While it is an improvement over Navicenter, used in older EMC SANs, it still feels outdated in comparison to other SAN management software.

Eley elaborates that “Reporting is clunky and requires data collection to files, which then have to be retrieved and uploaded to a third-party site for processing before finally downloading the report.”

NetApp FAS Series

Valuable Features

“The most valuable features are the snapshots, the flash pool that we’re using, and cluster mode”, writes Luc Bussieres, Senior System Administrator at a marketing services firm with 1,000-5,000 employees.

Bussieres describes that “When we are doing an upgrade, there is less of an impact on the customer when you use cluster mode. It still has some with CIFS, but at least it has less impact.”

Room for Improvement

A Systems Engineer at a media company with 1,000-5,000 “One of the issues that we have had with NetApp in upgrading over the years is that migrating data from one system to another is one-way only.”

He elaborates that “If you have a new storage system that is going to replace an old storage system, where you’re transitioning slowly from one to another, you can copy the data in one direction, but that same tool, which is typically used as a disaster recovery tool, can’t be used to reset it back the other direction, as well. That level of backward compatibility would be very nice to have.”


Valuable Features

Tom O’Toole, Sr. Systems Programmer at Sharp, shares that “For us, the XIV is pretty much set-it-and-forget-it storage. We use it behind the SAN volume controller. Having presented that storage to the SAN, we find that the latency is very predictable, the capacity is excellent and the reliability is fabulous.”

Room for Improvement

O’Toole also suggests that IBM XIV could be cheaper, “but considering they give you a rack of 325 TB usable, if you buy a fully loaded system, it’s really not that expensive.”

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