Online Reviews Include Valuable Product Feedback

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The market for online product reviews is heating up. A company called Bazaarvoice, which provides a platform for consumer online product reviews, went public last year, and is leading the online review revolution for consumer products. But what’s most relevant for those of us in the world of enterprise tech, is some interesting research released by Bazaarvoice.

Reviews with Product Suggestions Infographic

The research, based on an analysis of 6 million online product reviews, found that a significant number of product reviews include valuable product feedback, which is precious information for businesses to get. The analysis reveals that:

  • More than one-fifth of all four-star reviews – very positive reviews – include product improvement suggestions.
  • 80% of all product suggestions are constructive, in that they add value by outlining specific improvements and fully describe problems.

The full report, called The Conversation Index, can be downloaded here from the Bazaarvoice website.

If you look at the reviews on IT Central Station, you’ll see lots of great product ideas that are included within the reviews. These are a goldmine for the product managers, marketing VPs and CTOs of the technology vendors that are always looking for candid feedback from real users of their products (or of competitor’s products 🙂 ). So browse the reviews on IT Central Station and if you haven’t already, write your own review. And don’t forget to include some constructive product suggestions inside.


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