Oracle Gets Heel Biter from NetSuite

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After several de-support calls from Oracle, “SeaChange has invested significantly in NetSuite, adopting not only its financials system, NetSuite vs Oraclebut also the customer relationship management (CRM) and manufacturing modules. It has additionally signed on with NetSuite partners for financial planning and analysis and tax compliance functions,” said John Waterhouse, SeaChange’s vice president of finance.

Read the complete post here: NetSuite financials helps tech company leave Oracle behind.

What does this mean? The landscape, the race track, the infrastructure, and the clouds are changing. Many enterprises are more careful than ever not to just adopt to the status quo vendor but rather invest in emerging technologies at some risk.

IT Central Station needs your input on emerging technologies as they chase on the heels of vendor standards like Oracle, Amazon, and Microsoft. If you currently use NetSuite, start the reviews by clicking here: NetSuite.

Make sure you also look at the reviews for Oracle by starting here: Oracle.

For example, about Oracle,  Hitendra Kumar says, Comprehensive BI tools, but lacks support for deploying multiple RPD on one BI server, direct access to RPD schema or model layers.”

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