PaaS Review Roundup: Microsoft vs. Heroku vs. Google

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As opposed to Microsoft’s Windows phone which lags behind competitors Apple and Google, accounting for 2.5 percent of new shipments in the worldwide smartphone market in the second quarter, Microsoft’s cloud business is thriving. Indeed this past week Microsoft’s chief executive, Satya Nadella, hosted an event in San Francisco to advertise the company’s cloud business. Nadella said 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies used Microsoft’s cloud computing infrastructure in some way.


What are IT Central Station users saying about Microsoft and other PaaS solutions? This week’s review roundup compares Microsoft Azure, Heroku and Google. What is our community saying about their cloud computing solutions? Here are a few excerpts:

Microsoft – “The ability to kick start a new web application or website and having them up and running in matter of minutes still amazes me. Deploying new release for existing web applications has now become a matter of right clicking the name of the project and clicking ‘publish’, the same activity before might have been done in hours to days – depending on the complexity for the app. Anything to do with referencing other packages is simply frustrating, this is mostly a problem with the Windows framework and not the hosting service, but it is still the most time consuming and irritating thing about using ASP.NET.” Read the full review here.

Heroku – “Platform as a Service – you deploy an app in a sandbox and have a lot of useful add-ons for other services. You have two types of “dyno” – one that services web requests, and one that services background requests. Flexibility: low, because you run in a sandbox, but each add-on is configurable and there are a lot of add-ons, so it’s better than other PaaS options. The bad news for Java developers is that it only supports deployment by checking out from git, and building with maven. No other version control system or build tool.” Read full review here comparing various PaaS solutions.

Google – “Google App Engine is amazing, we got our prototype up and running in no time, and for no expense. We then decided it was the right platform to run a big part of our platform. We particularly appreciated the following features: No sys admin needed, Automatic scaling, Amazing uptime (despite earlier reports), Impeccable security credentials, Extremely flexible data model…But the devil is as always in the detail… As we have grown, so too has the impact of the limitations of app engine. Until TLS is supported more widely and app engine adopts that you cant have a custom HTTPS domain, you will have to do a bit of sys admin, and run a reverse proxy. Now you have just introduced a bottleneck, and depending on how you implement that possibly a single point of failure. “ Read this informative review here.

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