Pentaho vs Tableau—Vendor Fencing for Business Intelligence

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When you consider a business intelligence (BI) solution, the competition between vendors can be daunting. Sometimes you can narrow it down to two and then have them “fence off,” although not with real sabers of course.

Pentaho vs Tableau

You want to see how they hold up against each other for every move in your business critical business processes.

There’s many of these side-by-side comparisons on IT Central Station that you can quickly search for and then do your research.

For example, here’s Pentaho vs. Tableau:

CEO at a analyst firm with 1-500 employees, says of Pentaho, “Very capable suite of BI, reporting, and data mining tools with sophisticated functionality
Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 10.11.32 AM(remember it’s ok to be anonymous)


Project Manager at a software R&D company with 1-500 employees, says, “Tableau is excellent for visualizing pre-built data or data that are already organized

Both of these real users come from different environments—one from an analyst firm and the other as a Project Manager.

Do you think that has anything to do with their review? Of course it does and that’s why each reviewer—whether anonymous or not—includes the type of business where they base their review. Each review is also evaluated for authenticity and approved by IT Central Station staff.

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