Project Portfolio Management Reviews – Best of 2016

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What are Project Portfolio Management Solutions?

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions centrally manage a company’s processes, methods, and technologies. Project managers and project management officers (PMOs) typically use PPM solutions to analyze and collectively manage current or proposed projects based on a variety of key characteristics.

You can find real user project portfolio management reviews for top solutions in the category on IT Central Station. These were the products that performed the best in building, customizing, and integrating various projects and business applications. Our users evaluated the most essential criteria including usability, integration, and outstanding features, so you can get a real perspective on each of these project portfolio management software and make an informed decision.

Project Portfolio Management Reviews from real users
Project Portfolio Management Reviews from real users


CA PPM is one of the best project portfolio management vendors because it takes the juggling out of this complex arena. Instead of having to shuffle between various platforms, applications, and tools, CA PPM provides users with a single, standardized option that keeps everything organized and manageable. Some of the outstanding features include:

  • NSQL queries and portlets
  • XOG data transfers
  • Sandbox services

Our community notes that CA PPM could make their product even better by updating Open Workbench to the standard Windows usability range and expanding reporting capabilities.

Microsoft Project Server

Microsoft Project Server has a lot of valuable features according to IT Central Station project portfolio management reviews. It’s flexible, and makes working simple even from a remote location. In addition, Microsoft Project Server offers the following benefits:

  • Excellent scheduling rules and system
  • Customizable attributes
  • SharePoint enabled

While there was a lot of positive feedback, some reviewers found that the financial management and resource reservation workflow could use an upgrade.


Planisware is one of the top project portfolio management vendors because it makes prioritization of tasks and resources as easy as possible. Users effortlessly plan projects, assign resources, schedule tasks, and create projections all within this tool. Planisware also:

  • Manages complex projects and long-term horizons
  • Utilizes an extensive set of algorithms and parametric estimations for resource planning
  • Offers fully-loaded project cost estimation, portfolio reviews, and budget preparations

On the other hand, one of our users wrote that Planisware can be difficult to upgrade from one version to the next and requires more involved action if users want to add new features.

KeyedIn Projects

IT Central Station reviewers appreciate KeyedIn Projects as a leader in this industry because it delivers real-time visibility of every angle of a project including portfolio, resources, costs, and more. Users can take advantage of this tool with:

  • Custom reports
  • Online access with security access limits
  • Great customer support for troubleshooting

IT Central Station reviewers have also commented that simplifying the admin functions would make KeyedIn Projects an even better resource for businesses.

If you are looking for a comprehensive, all-in-one tool to help get your organization running efficiently, check out the latest that the industry has to offer with these peer-generated project portfolio management reviews.


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