Protecting Your Privacy: How We Do It

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Your privacy is importantWe take user privacy seriously. One of the most common questions we get asked is how we ensure the privacy of our users and what do we mean by “anonymous reviews”. Here are a few questions to help you understand how we protect the privacy of our users:

How private is the information that I provide? What do you mean by “anonymous”?
Your email address is never displayed to others and will be kept private with the utmost confidentiality. We don’t reveal other profile information that could reveal your identity because we want you to feel comfortable to be open and honest. The only visible information about you is job function, company industry and company size which can help others understand your perspective. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

How do you verify the information is from real users?

We require new users to verify their registration by registering with their LinkedIn profile. Based on the profile, the user is classified as working either for an end user organization or a vendor, consultant or integrator. When a new review is posted we examine each review to ensure it conforms with our guidelines. Reviews that are questionable get flagged and we contact the user directly for clarification before the review is posted on IT Central Station. The validation process combined with active community moderation and our commitment to review every post, allows us to to identify suspicious users and/or fraudulent posts.

I hope this information was helpful in your understanding of our privacy policies and procedures. If you have any questions or comments, please reply to this blog post or use the contact form. I want to hear from you!

–Russell Rothstein, Founder and CEO, IT Central Station


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