QlikView vs SAS Business Intelligence—Down River Regatta

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A down river regatta typically entails a competition where sailing teams battle a common river using various techniques to get to the finish line. Everything QlikView vs SAScounts—the weight of the people on the boat, the style of boat, the size of sail, the wind of course, and so on. The best combination of these aspects determines the ultimate winner.

Similarly, differentiating a vendor based on individual factors alone can be just as complex . You often find yourselves comparing two solutions that cannot be pitted against each other side-by-side with every metric for functionality or cost benefit and end up with what “wins” for you.

Instead, you have to find the uniqueness of how a particular solution fits your need. Everyone knows that marketing spin inspires you to believe that a “one size fits all” approach. We all know that it’s better to find out what other real users of a solution are experiencing and how relevant that is to your current circumstances.

Enter IT Central Station, the “Yelp for Enterprise IT” as referred to by the Wall Street Journal,” and see this comparison of QlikView vs SAS Business Intelligence. When real user peers commenting on the facets of each of these vendors, the pros, and the cons, you get a sense for how these solutions might fit in with your environment.

Here’s a glimpse at two reviews:

QlikView Review
QlikView is a highly effective management tool, allowing a broad area of analysis.

SAS Business Intelligence Review
Great for data analysis and reports once we got it up and running. Recommended!

Both of these sailors—I mean real users—come from different environments. Do you think that has anything to do with their review? Of course it does and that’s why each reviewer—whether anonymous or not—includes the type of business where they base their review. Each review is also evaluated for authenticity and approved by IT Central Station staff.

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