Qualitia vs HP LoadRunner—Getting Ready to Sweep

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Qualitia vs HP LoadRunnerCurling on the ice is a highly competitive and complex sport. Teams must bring together a set of skills that include balance, throwing, and frantic sweeping to get the “stones” closest to their targets.

Of course we know this is a bit of a stretch when you compare to vendor solution competition!

Just to get you started, however, along this complex “curling on the ice” as we suggest, consider comparing Qualitia vs HP LoadRunner for Testing Tools solutions.

Qualitia vs HP LoadRunner


Qualitia Review from a Project Manager at a tech vendor with 5000+ employees
Qualitia is a new generation solution for software test automation!

LoadRunner Review from a CEO at a consultancy with 1-500 employees
Cost effective performance validation tool

Now think about making sure that all the pieces of your testing tools solution work together to reach your goal with whatever vendor solution you choose, just as curling has so many components that determine the success of a team.

If you’re a vendor and want to get involved check out How do we engage with this community?  Regarding reviews, if you’re a real user of any vendor solution, follow this formula to hear from peers and demonstrate your expertise:

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