Rackspace Goes Head-to-Head with Amazon

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The competition for cloud-hosting services continues to get livelier than ever. Rackspace va Amazon

Do you remember when we used to use brand names for things? “Hand me a Kleenex or can you Xerox a copy of such and such.” Even more recently, “Hold on, let me Google that”

At one point, Amazon cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) seemed to be going in that direction as well.

It might be safe to say that we’re probably not going to be using Amazon in that sense now because of all the competition that its been getting recently.

Rackspace, for instance, seems to be ramping up according to Beth Pariseau  in a TechTarget post: “Rackspace launches cloud computing performance surge against AWS

She states, “Rackspace’s Infrastructure as a Service customers hope the company’s new data centers will boost cloud computing performance and allow more workloads to move to the cloud.”

Why not check out the competition here on IT Central Station? Check out what real users are saying, head-to-head about Rackspace vs AWS.

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  • Inbox the reviewer directly and ask specific questions about their implementation or yours.

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