Rackspace vs. Amazon – Floating on a Cloud

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Nowadays the term “cloud computing” is ubiquitous, but there is a big difference between an individual consumer cloud and that of a business, especially enterprise.

Cloud computing at this level is big business: McKinsey & Company estimates that 80 percent of the large companies in North America that it’s surveyed are either looking at using cloud services—or already have. The market is on its way to generating $100 billion a yearcloud.

Two of the leaders in IaaS are Rackspace and Amazon EC2. Our users on IT Central Station have provided interesting reviews based on their experiences.  Read what our real users have to say about both of these solutions:

Rackspace – “Behind Amazon, the rest of the market could be described as ‘everyone else,’ but there are some leading candidates to take on Amazon in the cloud and one of the strongest is Rackspace. Powered by the OpenStack cloud computing platform, Rackspace is positioning itself as the open source alternative to Amazon, and the company’s executives make no shame in aiming critiques directly at its chief competitor…Others believe that Rackspace’s OpenStack involvement allows it to compete at the scale and capacity of Amazon.” Read the full review here: Cloud Comparison Review

Amazon – “EC2 allows me to provision new servers in minutes…We have created proofs-of-concept in hours to days to test and evaluate new products across the enterprise. We have been able to leverage the agility of AWS to work faster and, in some cases, ‘fail fast’ so we can get on to the next thing, which works … [Amazon] customer service is ridiculously good. Back when I was admin of an account that only used a few hundred dollars a month, I got top-notch support from my account manager. He set up a couple of conference calls with Solution Architects with no hesitation. Now I preside over an account with significantly more usage, and the customer service remains great.” Read the full review here: Amazon EC2 Review

Visit IT Central Station to browse real user reviews of cloud solutions including, Heroku, Microsoft, and Google.  Become a part of the “Yelp for Enterprise,” as referred to by the Wall Street Journal. Get your profile up and start reviewing, posting, and commenting!






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