New on IT Central Station: Crowdsourced Rankings by Company Size

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We have been working hard to develop new features and are excited to share them with you today! You might have noticed a change in our website recently– Our new category rankings by company size is now live.

Previously, IT Central Station’s rankings were calculated based upon an aggregate of all reviews, views, comparisons and followers. With our new feature, you can filter rankings based on the following company sizes:

  • Small businesses (1-100 employees)
  • Mid-size enterprises (100-1,000 employees)
  • Large enterprises (more than 1,000 employees)

Network Monitoring Software Vendors

When you apply the filter, the views, comparisons and followers will be based on the company size you have chosen. Now, you can see which products best suit your needs based on input from peers in similar size companies. If a product is a better fit for a different size organization than your own, it is easy to tell with our new ranking system.

Technology vendors themselves are also subject to this filter. If you are interested in a brand that can provide the best support for your size environment, or are looking to create an integrated environment of multiple tools, vendors can be ranked based on specific company size. For example, a vendor might be ranked #3 overall, but it could be ranked #1 for the large enterprise market.

Top Network Monitoring Software for Large Companies

The percentages for each ranking factor are calculated in comparison to the leading solution for that ranking factor. For example, “57% Views” when selecting “Large” means the number of views from visitors who work at large enterprises is 57% of the views of the solution. This feature is currently in beta, so we welcome feedback. We are excited that this new feature enables enterprise tech professionals live you to make even better buying decisions.


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