Real User Feedback on VMware vRealize Automation (vRA)

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Organizations are turning to the cloud for its flexibility and attractive economics. Things can get complicated in the cloud pretty quickly, however. Challenges arise with infrastructure and application management in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Cloud admins are seeking ways to  automate labor-intensive processes. One tool used for this purpose is VMware vRealize Automation (vRA).

VMware vRealize Automation is designed to automate the end-to-end delivery and management of infrastructure and applications that deploy across a multi-vendor hybrid cloud infrastructure. With this capability, vRA helps accelerate application deployment and releases.

It automates the delivery of personalized infrastructure as well as custom IT services. With vRA, users get the right size resource or application along with an appropriate service level for the job at hand. For admins, vRA results in the reduction of time-consuming, manual cloud management processes.

As the leading site for peer-based technology user reviews, IT Central Station is always seeking user feedback that can help its growing community of tech professionals make future buying decisions for their companies. To this end, we recently published a video featuring interviews with vRA users.

In these interviews, a few themes emerged which highlighted the aspects of vRA that users find useful. We explore these themes below.

Some themes from the video reviews of vRA

Delivering a Self-Service Cloud

When end users can take care of their own IT needs—without devolving into the problematic world of “shadow IT”—cloud admins can focus on more strategic work. Self service is considered a valuable aspect of vRA adoption:

“Our primary use case for the product is self-service IT, exactly what VMware bills it as, a portal for self-service. Infrastructures service is really something that we use it a lot for to start with here. As we roll forward, automating more tasks, orchestrating more tasks, being able to push things out of the hands of CIS admins and into the hands of the users.”

Bob P., Solutions Architect

Automating the Cloud

Done right, cloud automation makes life easier for cloud admins. That’s the whole point. According to our users, vRA delivers on this front:

“If you don’t have to think about a product, it just does its thing in the background, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Allen N., Windows System Administrator

“[The most valuable feature of vRA is] automating the basic rollout of a VM. We’re not too complex. We’re not a dot-com, but it does help us with smoothing out the variability of things. It makes it so we can deploy things very easily.”

Allen N., Windows System Administrator

“We have used it mostly for our internal IT. We’ve actually just hit the surface. We’ve kind of used it for rebooting servers, automating some scripts.”

Brent T., Senior Systems Administrator

Making Dev and Test more Efficient

IT managers have put vRA to work in dedicated workloads, with positive results. These include software development, done with the DevOps methodology, as well as QA.

“Our primary use case is for our QA department. They use it to deploy machines when they need to test something out and it has performed great. They are able to spin up a new instance of a Windows Virtual Machine and test whatever use case they have and then turn it back down.”

Ann R., Senior System Administrator

“[The most valuable aspect of vRA for us is] a DevOps Lab type environment that we have spread across multiple locations throughout the United States, so it’s meant for a DevOp shop for our developers and spin up and spin down VMs or applications and do their testing.”

Daniel P., Infrastructure Architect

“It is primarily used for both developers to spin up their own VMs and destroy them at will, and then for my group to spin up production machines.”

Brian W., Systems Administrator at DigiKey Corporation

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