Real User Feedback on VMware vRealize Operations (vROps)

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IT operations is a field known for high stress. Whatever’s going right, no one seems to notice. Whatever’s going wrong, well that’s your fault and you’d better solve the problem instantly. For this reason, IT operations managers prize tools that make their jobs easier. In this context, members of IT Central Station who use VMware vRealize Operations (vROps) have weighed in on their experiences with this renowned IT operations management tool.

IT Central Station serves as the leading site for peer-based enterprise technology user reviews. We are constantly seeking user feedback that can help our growing community of tech professionals make future buying decisions for their companies. With this in mind, we recently published a video featuring interviews with vROps users.

vROps, sometimes called vCenter Operations Manager, VCOPS or vRealize Operations, automates IT operations management. IT ops people use it to manage performance and gain visibility across physical and virtual infrastructure. vROps is able to proactively identify and solve emerging issues using predictive analytics, communicated through smart alerts. It also provides capacity planning and optimization along with intelligent workload placements, to help IT teams to get the best utilization of their hardware and virtualized infrastructure. These capabilities help ensure optimum performance and availability of applications and infrastructures across vSphere as well as Hyper-V, Amazon and physical hardware.

A few themes came up in our interviews about specific aspects of vROps that users like about vROps. Below, we provide an overview of these themes through excerpts from the interviews.

Some themes from the video reviews of vROps

Understanding Infrastructure through Monitoring

IT operations managers want to know what’s going on in their infrastructure all the time. They want to monitor applications and systems. According to our users, vROps delivers this capability:

“The most valuable features that we find are the application monitoring, actually checking to see if the http application is alive, if the Windows service is running.”

Ben M., Lead Systems Engineer

“It’s giving us a breakdown on the virtual machines themselves. Also, with some of the add-ons that they provide, with VROPS, you can start to see if there’s any issues with things like Exchange infrastructure or SQL add-ons.”

Mark S., IT Consultant at SureSkills

“[vROps shows] performance, so when users either say that is an issue, it gives some insight into finding out what’s going wrong with it.”

Andy W., CTO at Leeds Teaching Hospital

Staying on Top of IT Resources

IT Central Station members who use vROps are usually charged with effective, economical use of IT resources. Users reported that vROps helps them stay on top of what’s going on with hardware and other infrastructure elements:

“It’s done a great job at ensuring that all of our virtual infrastructure is compliant.”

Christian S., Principal Service Specialist

“It’s useful basically to get from the hardware perspective to the virtual machine, down to the actual application of running on those VMs themselves.”

Mark S., IT Consultant at SureSkills

“The resource reclamation. We’ve had issues with our sandbox environment in reclaiming these resources. It has become a major selling factor in expanding the environment for, and expanding the client base for VROPS.”

Micah P., Senior Tech Engineer at McKenzie & Co.

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