Real User Reviews of Oscilloscopes

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IT Central Station is always on the hunt for the latest reviews to help out our growing tech community. Today we present a selection of oscilloscopes reviews from our community of real users. With so many O-Scopes on the market, it’s hard to know which solution is the right choice for your company. Reading user reviews will help you gain a better understanding of what your fellow tech peers really think about the top oscilloscope solutions in the market:

Tektronix Oscilloscopes

What Users Love

“The most valuable features are its ease of use, user interface, and PAM-4. The user interface is good and easy to use. Tektronix has the acquisition side done very well.”

Room for Improvement

“In the signal integrity business at these data rates, we are always looking for higher bandwidth and a lower noise floor. Because this product is an 8-bit real-time scope, I would like a lower noise floor and have it go to a 9-bit or 10-bit resolution. That would be beneficial.”

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Keysight Oscilloscopes

What Users Love

“The most valuable features are its quality and reliability. The type of instrument they make is pretty much the industry standard and trustworthy. They align R&D and design their equipment well, including post-processing stuff…the good thing about the GUI interface which is, of course, software-based, is that you can record and save your test setup very easily.”

Room for Improvement

“Something I’d like to see is much better documentation and some good examples. That would be very helpful for a new user to get better at using the new test equipment. Otherwise, procedure-wise, the testing is pretty repeatable.”

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Rohde & Schwarz Oscilloscopes

What Users Love

“I have been able to do quality measurements that I have been unable to achieve with the equipment from some other vendors. Since I spend quite some time in the lab, this product makes my life easier, results better, and speeds up my work.”

Room for Improvement

“There was a learning curve. Their user interface and the way that their products work are not intuitive to somebody who switches from other vendors, like Keysight or LeCroy. At first, I had to be walked through every step because every time I guessed where to find a function, I would guess wrong.”

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National Instruments (NI) Oscilloscopes

What Users Love

“I can automate a lot of testing very quickly. With just a push of a button, I can test hundreds of different scenarios without having to do all that manual testing myself.”

Room for Improvement

“I switch back and forth between the old version and the next generation. Therefore, I would like to see more integration of the old program’s features into the next generation, because the next generation is not as feature-packed as the old version.”

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Teledyne LeCroy Oscilloscopes

What Users Love

“It has a nice high-resolution screen. It is easy to set up the scope triggers, has a lot of scope trigger options for capturing waveforms, and seamlessly goes into the spectrum analysis mode.”

Room for Improvement

“They could always work on the software stability of the products, particularly now that everything has switched over to a Windows-based interface. It creates a lot of crashes and bugs, which typically is a problem among all instruments. This is an area that could be improved.”

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