What real users are saying about their Oracle solutions

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Oracle OpenWorld is happening this week in San Francisco, and Oracle will be announcing new innovations and solutions in the coming days. But what do real users think about Oracle solutions? All this week the IT Central Station team will be at OpenWorld, collecting and showcasing real user reviews for Oracle solutions across all categories.

IT Central Station attends technology events and conferences all over the world to collect authentic user reviews for a wide variety of enterprise technology solutions. By collecting reviews from technology conferences we guarantee user reviews that are from experts in the field, and who can give other users real insight into the solution’s pros and cons. We also collect video reviews from these conferences, to give face-to-face accounts of how technology professionals use a given solution.

What do real users think about Oracle Exadata?

Consultant says, “It’s cost-effective for a lot of organizations. I would rate highly some of the specialized mechanisms that Oracle has put in place. Adaptability is a little bit challenging for the customer because of the licensing and the pricing. That’s where I think they can make a big difference.” 

What do real users think about Oracle OBIEE?

BI Architect, “It’s now much easier for our developers to mash up their repositories from different data sources, create new dashboards, create graphs, and send emails via agents.Oracle needs to make WebLogic much simpler to use. With WebLogic you have a vast number of things in there. If you’re not an OBIEE admin, then you don’t know what you’re doing.”

What do real users think about Oracle Database?

Senior Project Manager, “One of the new features I’ve been using lately is the In-Memory Column Store.”

What are real users saying about Oracle VM VirtualBox?

ERP System Analyst,  “Using a virtual operating system simplifies the installation procedure, system maintenance, and system backup. It allows you to be hardware independent.”

What are real users saying about Mobile Application Framework?

CTO at a tech company says it, “allows me to write code in my preferred coding language and deploy to multiple platforms.”

If you are at Oracle OpenWorld, stop by the IT Central Station Enterprise Tech Peer Review Pavilion to say hi and give a review. You can also real more real user reviews for Oracle solutions at www.ITCentralStation.com.


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