What are Real Users Saying about their IBM Solutions?

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IBM InterConnect is happening next week in Las Vegas, where IBM will be announcing new innovations and solutions. But what do real users think about IBM solutions? The IT Central Station team will be at #IBMInterConnect, collecting real user reviews for IBM solutions across all categories.

IT Central Station attends technology events and conferences all over the world to collect authentic user reviews for a wide variety of enterprise technology solutions. By collecting reviews from technology conferences, we guarantee user reviews that are from experts in the field, and who can give other users real insight into each solution’s pros and cons.

What do real users think about IBM dashDB?

Consulta23a6 at a tech services company:

“I like that the dashDB solution is built on DB2 technology. This means that you can use all the features of a DB2 database, but outsource all the hardware and software maintenance. Cloud solutions/services are the big thing for the future. IBM has provided users with the ability to store data in the cloud with the option to use the database as an MPP server.”

What do real users think about IBM App Connect?

Senior Integration Consultant at a tech services company:

“Our organization deals with multiple systems and we want the data to be available 24/7 across all the systems. IBM App Connect has a robust mechanism to handle such scenarios.”

What do real users think about IBM Connections?

Enzo Stanzione, Social Business Advisor at a tech services company:

“All files managed by my team are generated directly in Connections, initially as personal files but shared with each other. Ultimately, files are moved into the community for reference and so shared with all members of the team.

All technical documentation is written in the wiki, which is now the central point of reference about everything necessary to work, both on the project and knowledge sharing.”

What are real users saying about IBM Kenexa?

Angela Scalpello, SVP Organizational Development at a non-tech company:

IBM Kenexa has “given us data from which to make better decisions about what we need to do in order to have a highly engaged workforce. It’s helped us specifically align the engagement information with business strategies and link addressing some of those issues to better business outcomes.”

What are real users saying about IBM Cognos Analytics?

Mike Bernaiche, Business Analytics Coach at a Software R&D company:

IBM Cognos Analytics is a data discovery and reporting platform for your department or your entire enterprise. But it’s much more than just managed reporting: It provides departmental users with the self-sufficiency they need to bring in their own external data, explore it, and even merge it with corporately governed data, all without needing to go to IT. With that ability, they can get fresh perspectives that are simply not available in their existing reporting environment.”

If you are at IBM InterConnect, look out for our team and #BeOpinionated (you’ll get a free t-shirt.)

You can also read more real user reviews for IBM solutions at www.ITCentralStation.com.


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