What Real Users are Saying about Privileged Identity Management Solutions – New Reviews for 2017

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In IT Central Station’s Privileged Identity Management community, 1,886 followers engage in informative content regarding the 15 solutions in the category. This content includes review updates and notifications, and general solution or industry information.

Of the top rated Privileged Identity Management solutions, real users have given a variety of detailed feedback. Users are continuously answering questions about the features they most value in the solutions, describing the improvements their organization has seen as a result.

As part of their constructive feedback, users also shed light on where they see room for improvement in each solution.

Here are a selection of top quotes that we’ve derived (specifically from 2017) from the real users reviews of Privileged Identity Management solutions:

CyberArk Privileged Account Security

Q: “What are CyberArk Privileged Account Security’s Most Valuable Features?”

A: “The proxy solution using PSM and PSMP is valuable. It gives leverage to reach out to servers which are NATed in separate networks and can be reached only by using a jump server.”ITAdmin436

Q: “Which Improvements Has CyberArk Privileged Account Security Brought to your Organization?”

A: “It makes compliance of the organization with password management easy. This results in a handy auditing process and adheres to all risk compliance as well.”

Varun Sahu

Quest One Identity Manager

Q: “What are Quest One Identity Manager’s Most Valuable Features?”


  • “The GUI is very impressive and clean (even cleaner and minimalistic in v7).
  • JobQueueInfo does an amazing job tracking all processes.
  • Synchronizations are easy to set up.
  • Reporting capabilities are fantastic once you get the hang of using Report Editor.
  • WebDesigner allows a lot of customizations to be added to the web project.
  • Schema and table names are very logical.
  • It is very easy to find something in the database just because of the fact that the naming convention in the schema is very logical and consistent.
  • It’s a feature-rich product: a suite of very powerful tools with a lot of functionalities once you get the knack of them.”

Sachin Loothra

Q: “Where do you see Room for Improvement in Quest One Identity Manager?”

A: “There is a need to improve the use case documentation and coding templates. This product has some limitations when it comes to use case documentation. Generally, when we have any different scenario, we need to post in the blog and only then we will get answers.”


BeyondTrust PowerBroker

Q: “Which Improvements Has BeyondTrust PowerBroker Brought to your Organization?”

A: “Previously, all users were in the administrator group of their machines. Since PowerBroker elevates the user, we can remove the users from the administrator group. Thus, the machines become less vulnerable to attacks.”

Gaurav Demiwal

CA Privileged Access Manager

Q: “What are CA Privileged Access Manager’s Most Valuable Features?”

A: “The most valuable feature is the general concept of securing privileged passwords. Having worked in IT for a long time, I know how privileged passwords can float around. They pass from person to person and don’t get changed when they should be changed, such as when someone key who knows them leaves the organization. So, I appreciate the value of locking all that down.”


Q: “Where do you see Room for Improvement in CA Privileged Access Manager?”

A: “The demonstration and consideration portion does not work the best. It’s not that intuitive. To define how it should work and what systems should be involved, requires extensive training to understand how to configure the setup. It is not immediately obvious to do this.”

David Walker

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