What Real Users are Saying about SolarWinds NPM — New for 2017

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SolarWinds NPM is ranked as the #3 Cloud Monitoring Software in the IT Central Station community, with an average user rating of 8.4. The Cloud Monitoring Software category is followed by 8,249 of our users, and includes 19 software solutions used by enterprise tech professionals.  

We’ve chosen several new user reviews of SolarWinds NPM for 2017 — to help you evaluate Cloud Monitoring Softwares as they evolve in 2017.

Users discuss the most valuable features they’ve seen in SolarWinds NPM, and where they see room for improvement.

Valuable Features


I love the GUI.  Almost everything is accessible through the web interface.  It is very user-friendly.  It is easy to drag and drop resources wherever you want them.

NPM also includes additional features that come in handy, such as a web SSH console, SYSLOG and trap collectors, and Wireless Heat Maps.”

Christopher Good, Lead Network Engineer/Business Developer at a tech services company.

“Compared to many products, SolarWinds is very simple to use…When you want to get some special things out of a box, let’s say the number of connections on a ASA firewall, you can very easily add a UnDP, add it as a graph to your screen, and see the results right away…the company I worked with was having Internet problems with our main firewalls due to maxing out the number of connections going through the box. Having it graphically presented makes it easy, though.”

Craig Norborg, Senior Network Engineer at a healthcare company.

“The two most important features are SNMP monitoring capabilities and the beautiful web interface. SNMP is all about being able to access devices, it’s a must have, and every monitoring tool will have these features. Not all monitoring tools will have a beautiful graphical user interface that includes charts and graphs and reports. It’s very, very easy to read and work with.”

Alex Soul, Monitoring Solutions Architect and Consultant at a tech services company

NPM Monitoring

Without NPM monitoring, we would be in a world of hurt and constantly responding to outages and unexpected downtime. NPM allows us to be proactive and fix things before they cause downtime.”

Randy Brown, Senior Network Administrator at a healthcare company.

“From a platform standpoint, the integration of NPM with the other SolarWinds modules is very strong, seamless, and valuable in presenting a single pane of glass for network, application, and database performance and availability.”

Russ Harland, Senior Systems Administrator at an engineering company.

Room for Improvement

More Granular Permissions

“I think there needs to be more granularity in the permission sets in almost all of the SolarWinds products.  I want to be able to specify almost everything that a specific user group can do…The reporting is good, but I want it to be a little easier when creating custom reports.”

Christopher Good, Lead Network Engineer/Business Developer at a tech services company.

“More granular permissions! I’d like to see a role-based system where you can granularly apply permissions for administrative tasks and be able to assign these roles to people. Just because you need to edit a node doesn’t mean you should have full admin permissions!”

Craig Norborg, Senior Network Engineer at a healthcare company.

Better Alert Features

I would like to see NPM become better able to create dependencies automatically so that we won’t receive alerts for all devices.

For instance, if the power goes out at one of our locations, it would be nice if we could receive a summary alert. The alert could describe the possible causes of a power outage because NPM ‘saw’ our UPS at the site go into battery mode and then eventually it ran out of power.”

Randy Brown, Senior Network Administrator at a healthcare company.

“I enjoy their latest revamp of the alerting feature. However, I still think there is a little more that can be done there.”

Steve Borba, Networks Manager at a financial services firm.

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