docSTAR vs. Documentum vs. Alfresco: Review Round-up for Enterprise Content Management

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This week’s review roundup is about the latest reviews of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions from the IT Central Station community. file-cabinet-146160_640

Many of our community members discuss the pros and cons of the solutions they are using. Making sure you use the right ECM solution for your organization can be critical to creating a systematized means of organizing, accessing, and storing content. Read what our real users have to say about these ECM solutions:

docSTAR – “In the past, we had numerous filing cabinets and much inefficiency in how our paper filing systems were being handled. Something had to give…We’ve been able to eliminate ten five-drawer filing cabinets full of paper. No longer do we need to take the time to walk to a file cabinet, try and determine whether the person filed it under A or B or wherever, and hope it’s there. Being able to find something—and find it quickly—is huge. That’s been a real workflow benefit.” Read the full docSTAR review.

Documentum – “System deployment was complex and very tedious…after the deployment, we found the system to be reliable. Not the fastest system, but stable…We were able to meet ISO 9001 QMS Standards and add a more robust CM integration to our product base.” Read the full Documentum review.

Alfresco – “Alfresco is the most widely used open source ECM in the world and it has characteristics that I really like such as a Java based platform, lots of integration points, many protocols for accessing it, advanced workflow support, scripting, easily customizable user interface, a concept of a group/team based working area called site…In the beginning, when I started out with Alfresco, it was quite a task as you need to know quite a lot of different areas to setup a proper Alfresco solution, you need to be familiar web server installation and configuration, certificate/https setup, LDAP. CIFS, WebDAV, application server tuning, database configuration, Kerberos etc. ” Read the full Alfresco review.

Visit IT Central Station to read more reviews of Enterprise Content Monitoring solutions, including Archiflow, SharePoint, Confluence and many more.


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