New Reviews for 2017: Application Performance Management (APM) Solutions Roundup

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In IT Central Station’s user community, 9822 users follow the Application Performance Management (APM) Solutions category. Users in our community have already contributed new reviews for Application Performance Management (APM) Solutions in 2017 for CA APM: AppDynamics, New Relic, HPE AppPulse Suite, Avada Software Infrared 360, SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor, and CA App Synthetic Monitor. Users discuss the valuable features of the solutions that they use, as well as where they see room for improvement.

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CA APM- New 2017 User Reviews

Valuable Features

Praveen Pathi writes that “The extensive monitoring alert gave the ability to act quickly before an outage happens.”

Mike Miller agrees, noting that “Suddenly, we were able to evaluate based off how code was being traced. In one incident, it saved us 18 hours in finding the actual problem in the logic for that application once we had a problem.”

Max Lukovsky shares that “It helped us with number of challenges we faced in the past. It prevented a lot of downtime and a lot of outages with the Java side of the house.”

Room For Improvement

Nonetheless, Felix Mendes Sutarelli comments that “The reports are a key part of APM in my vision because it is through them that we manage to generate the evidence to direct the development team and operational support to address. However, we cannot extract the information of the tool through reports.”

An IT Technical Integrator Level IV at a financial services firm adds “The dashboard tools need a significant update in terms of the widgets that are available, usability, and ability to modify how data points are labeled.”

An IT Leader at a financial services firm further points out “The solution is technically scalable, but it is very expensive for our business. This is a problem for scalability.”

AppDynamics- New 2017 User Reviews

Valuable Features

Shaun Dolan’s review of AppDynamics APM Solution highlights the “Root cause analysis of issues in real time when they happen, alerted upon within moments of identification.”

According to Gustin Eaton, “The most valuable feature is the live reporting on what’s going on in our system: Are all of our transactions going smoothly? Are we having a bottleneck somewhere? The benefits are less man hours, less downtime, and faster resolutions.”

Karim Djaafar notes:

  • The “stacktrace” exceptions that are well detailed
  • The ability to see the history of executions
  • The intuitiveness of the product to analyse metrics

Room For Improvement

Jack Mignosa shares “Things I struggled with most were the visual widgets in dashboards. I feel like there could have been more online guidance.”

Gaute Holmin writes “The biggest room for improvement is related to maintenance of the solution. A centralized upgrade of agents is sorely missed.”

Himanshu Jain adds “Nowadays, CI is very much in demand and because of that, Docker compatibility is increasing. However, to install AppDynamics on Docker is still a challenge.”

New Relic

Valuable Features

Devops Engineer at a Tech Company lists a number of valuable features to the New Relic APM Solution, writing “New Relic was very easy to deploy and had minimal impact on our environments. Visibility was near-total out of the box and support was extremely helpful in adding the missing instrumentation into the product.”

HPE AppPulse Suite- New User Reviews 2017

Valuable Features

Manager Smart Services at Roads and Transport Authority reviews the HPE AppPulse Suite APM Solution, noting that “It has a lot of value for us. It gave us a lot of customer insight such as understanding the customer needs and their issues.”

Room For Improvement

However, Manager Smart Services also points out that “Since it is a premature product, one of the things that they could improve is to provide faster access to the solution.”

Avada Software Infrared 360- New User Reviews 2017

Valuable Features

Brad Rogers comments that “The administration piece makes it very easy to do MQ administration. It gives us a lot more flexibility and capabilities.”

Room For Improvement

But Rogers adds that “The interface just needs to keep improving to where it looks more and more like other applications. Then, when new users come in, it’s not as hard for them to learn and navigate around the environment.”

SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor- New User Reviews 2017

Valuable Features

Jacob Houg’s review of the SolarWinds Server And Application Monitor notes that it “Provides a simple way to get very in-depth monitoring configured for our most popular applications.”

Room For Improvement

Houg still sees room for improvement in “Mapping interactions between systems.”

CA App Synthetic Monitor

Valuable Features

AdvisorA36Ae highlights these valuable features to the CA App Synthetic Monitor APM Solution:

  • Historical measurement
  • Availability statistics.

Room For Improvement

Nonetheless, AdvisorA36ae sees room for improvement:

  • Ability to delegate and limit functionality
  • Allow certain people to only see certain data.

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