New Reviews for 2017: CA Mainframe Solutions Roundup

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In IT Central Station’s user community, new for 2017, detailed CA user reviews have already been contributed for: 

Real users share what they really think about the valuable features of the solution, where they see room for improvement, and other solutions they have previously used, as well as the scalability and stability of the solution.

We’ve rounded up real user reviews for CA Mainframe Solutions from 2017, to help you in your Mainframe Management software evaluations.

CA Endevor Software Change Manager

Valuable Features

Sherri Banuelos appreciates that CA Endevor Software Change Manager “Has everything in it that you need for auditors: who asked for the change, when the change moved up, all the different stages, and where the approvals are. So, when we have auditors come in, we can trace it from production all the way down through the development.”

Room for Improvement

Banuelos only notes room for improvement in one area: “There is one feature, the sandbox feature, that allows you to virtually create environments for developments and then, once your project is done, those environments go away as you move up through the lifecycle. There are some features in there I would like to see improved.”

CA OPS/MVS Event Management and Automation

Valuable Features

According to Seniorsy47f1, “The most valuable features of this solution are its ease of use and capability to solve problems across different platforms and different software products.”

Eric Camp shares his appreciation, adding “Automation is very important to any data center; just the ability to optimize things, run more efficiently. OPS/MVS does that tremendously.”

Room for Improvement

Paul Watt comments “I’ve seen a mobile app that allows you to get the system status from your phone. That’s a really nice feature that I’d like to see.”

Seniorsy47f1 adds how “The systems management and the computer operators would love to have a pretty graphic to display everything when it went down and to resolve the issue.”

CA Top Secret

Valuable Features

Director196d writes that “The most valuable feature is ease of use.” adding “If you are looking for mainframe security, get this solution.”

Room for Improvement

Director196d still sees some room for improvement; “I would like to see better reporting, more emphasis on audit reporting.”

CA NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP

Valuable Features

Jeremy Hoffman enjoys these valuable features in the CA NetMaster Network Management Solution:

  • Framework for creating custom monitoring solutions
  • Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use scripting language (NCL)
  • Visibility into TCP/IP with comprehensive and easy-to-use reporting and analysis

Elmar Weisshaar agrees, highlighting that “The most valuable features are SNA and IP monitoring. It has also been very easy to define many thresholds, including self-defining baselines.”

Room for Improvement

Nonetheless, Weisshaar notes that “I would like to see new release migrations made easier.

Hoffman adds “I would like to see a web-based UI (major effort now in progress).”


Valuable Features

For Gadi Ben-Avi, the valuable features of CA SYSVIEW include:

  • Easy Install
  • One consistent interface for all components
  • Many interfaces (VTAM, TSO, ISPF, Batch)
  • Relatively easy to learn
  • Interoperation with CA-OPS

Patrick Barrez also appreciates that “The MVS and JES2 product displays provide very detailed information. The REXX API allows for very simple but powerful automation.”

Room for Improvement

Barrez does comment that “It would be nice if we could access the data and display it in a more “modern” way.”

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