New User Reviews for 2017: Data Warehouse Solutions Roundup

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In IT Central Station’s user community, 3009 users follow the Data Warehouse category. Users in our community have already contributed new reviews for Data Warehouse Solutions in 2017 for Oracle Exadata, HPE Vertica, and Oracle Database Appliance. Users discuss the valuable features of the solutions that they use, as well as where they see room for improvement.

“What are the Solution’s Valuable Features?”

Oracle Exadata

Akhilesh Kumar writes about Oracle Exadata’s performance,  “It’s about consolidation of my infrastructure, scalability, high performance, and availability.”

Rakesh Inukonda, adds “Also, we have enabled RAC clusters. That’s one of the main things, as well as high availability. The performance and high availability are really awesome.”

A Senior Principal Consultant at a Tech Consulting Firm sees direct cost benefits from Oracle Exadata’s performance, noting “We see cost saving due to the reduced footprint in the data center and improved performance”

HPE Vertica

Jochen Schlosser highlights a number of good points to the HPE Vertica, noting among them that “The most valuable feature in the solution is ad hoc data analysis. It improved the SLAs for our end clients.”

Oracle Database Appliance

Nitin Vengurlekar writes “The biggest value that customers are seeing, is that it’s easy to install, quick to deploy, and easy to consolidate platforms; as opposed to building an environment from scratch.”

“Where Do You See Room for Improvement?”

Oracle Exadata

Rakesh Inukonda still sees room for improvement to Oracle Exadata’s service, commenting “In the current version we’re using, we had lots of storage issues, disk failures, etc.”  

A Database Architect at a Tech Services Company further notes “One of the major issues was the Write Back Flash Cache. By default, the storage nodes come with write-through. That’s not very good for your OLE DB because it’s not going to hit your flash. It’s going to directly hit your hard disk.”

A Director Of Information Technology comments “They can make it faster and more scalable. Currently, it is not.”

HPE Vertica

Schlosser has little criticism, noting only “[Technical support] could be quicker sometimes, but that’s always the case with big processes.”

Oracle Database Appliance

However, Vengurlekar also points out that “Oracle has done a good job of letting it expand storage, but the number of nodes is still limited to two. This continues to be an issue for customers.”

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