Review Roundup: Fluke Networks OptiView XG

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Today’s Review Roundup zooms in on OptiView XG by Fluke Networks. With dozens of network troubleshooting and monitoring solutions available on the market and listed on IT Central Station, it’s difficult to determine which solution is best for your needs. We’ll look at what some of our real users have to say about OptiView XG and how they’ve implemented it to fit their needs. FlukeNetworks

  • Aaron Kostyu who is Director of IT at a local government says “We have been using the OptiView XG to both monitor the network, and to take into the field when a deeper inspection of a specific component is needed. Its combination of features, easy-to-understand insight tools and reporting capabilities has made it an indispensable solution for the team.” Read his complete review here.
  • Tommy Pruitt who is Vice President at a company with 1-500 employees says “Prior to OptiView XG, we used a variety of tools and packet sniffers, such as Wireshark, to gather information. The manual correlation of data was time consuming and required highly skilled technical engineers. Now, we have one solution that automates all data gathering, presents that information in graphical format, and allows the team to drill down into more detail instantly.” Read his complete review here.
  • Trent Spencer who is a network manager at a local government says “The OptiView XG is always our starting point. It helps collaboration, gives the insights we need to make a case for upgrades or plan for deployments, allows us to test new implementations in real time, and quickly troubleshoot and fix problems as they arise. We look to this device first so we never waste time or money.” Read his complete review here.

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