Review Roundup: IT Infrastructure Monitoring

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This week’s Review Roundup is about IT Infrastructure Monitoring. This is a fast growing category at IT Central Station and our community of real users has a lot to say about the solutions they are using. Here are a few useful excerpts: magnifying-glass-450690_640

ScienceLogic – “ScienceLogic works with us to solve our problems and make our services better. We were able to reduce faults and nuisance alarms by 40 percent within a short time of implementing and using the ScienceLogic platform.  We chose the ScienceLogic platform because it really met and exceeded all of the requirements that we had put forth in the RFI. We will be moving a lot more services off premises to cloud providers and ScienceLogic already provides monitoring capabilities for public cloud providers. It fits in very well with what we expect to be doing in the future.” Read the full review here.

CA Unified Infrastructure Management (previously Nimsoft Monitor) – “The scalability of the product and heterogeneous OS coverage is really what sets this product apart from others. Other features like synthetic (e2e) transaction monitoring, OOTB application support as well as the UMP (Unified Monitoring Portal) are the icing on the cake. CA UIM is really built for the MSP and multi-tenant environments, although companies of all sizes are able to benefit from it. My company is a managed service provider and there are really no other products that allow us to manage multiple customer environments like UIM. I’ve heard that there is now a free tool (CA UIM Snap) for up to 30 devices, but I haven’t used it yet.” Read the full review here.

Nagios – “Nagios is an open source monitoring tool for monitoring network services. Installation is quite easy and the interface is user-friendly and configurable. We can monitor disk space, CPU utilization, memory usage, host availability, NFS availability and a lot of other things. Nagios provides most features by default, however to add more services to it, it requires additional plugins … So far, clustering and failover of Nagios is not available…” Read the full review here.

You can look at other reviews in this category like Zabbix, more ScienceLogic and CA UIM reviews, as well as side-by-side comparisons to help your research process (Nagios vs. CA UIM, Zabbix vs. Nagios for starters!)


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