Review Roundup: Learning Management Systems

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Learning Management Systems (LMS) are growing in popularity, enabling the presentation-341444_640administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of e-learning education courses and training programs. This week we’re taking a deeper look at LMS systems and what our community of real users are saying about the LMS tools they are using:

Grovo – “Most valuable features of Grovo are creating your own trainings, and being able to upload your own stuff alongside their content. It has put the power at the local level — we aren’t pushing down, from corporate, what people should be training on. Local administrators can now decide that. Customer service is AMAZING. AMAZING. AMAZING. It’s a huge reason why we decided to go with Grovo. The support is unmatched.” Read the full review here.

Cornerstone OnDemand – “Valuable Features: Administration side is very user friendly and with lots of online help available. UI/UX can be improved, although CSoD is very responsive to customer’s feedback and does implement many new features suggested by customers. The most challenging part of the implementation is understanding the customer requirements/objectives, if those are clearly elaborated and documented, implementation can be seamless and straightforward.” Read the full review here.

Lynda – “Valuable features: The content itself, but also the ability to watch the videos in 2x speed and get transcripts. In particular the UX course has really helped the skill set for myself and I am directly using those in my role as a Community Manager on the Cisco Learning Network each and every day. It would be neat to be able too easily Tweet key takeaways from the content.” Read the full review here.

Read other LMS reviews here including Grovo, Moodle,  or comparisons of two different solutions!


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