Review Roundup: Mobile Device Management

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This week’s review roundup is Mobile Device Management, MDM, solutions. With the proliferation of BYOD within corporate culture, these solutions are becoming increasingly important. MDM solutions can ensure a system that can provide security to your business. Here is what our community of real users are saying about the MDM solutions they are using:Trådtelefon-illustration

Zenprise – “Gave the company the option to implement BYOD for mobile phones. Also helped with companies who were providing phones the capabilities to easily deploy a phone as well as to securely delete the data if the phone went missing or policies were being broken. The Multi-Tenant component (MTC) was very finicky to get up and running and upgrades was hit and miss. If you were dealing with a single site it was fairly straightforward as long as you rebooted the system before doing any significant changes like upgrades or certificate changes. Read the full review here.

MobiControl – “SOTI MobiControl has greatly benefited the Information Services department of our organisation, as well as the users of the device. It also allows us to monitor the fleet and alert us to any situations that can potentially cause a security or privacy issue. It also has allowed our staff to stop using the devices as a simple phone call and email device and allow them to take on more and more of their work using this device by allowing us to distribute internally developed productivity apps and enabling them to access files, forms, policies and procedures through the Content Library. SOTI MobiControl can improve itself in its Reporting module, as while it has a lot of pre-built reports, making custom reports can be quite cumbersome and the addition of a Report Building wizard would be ideal.” Read the full review here.

MaaS360 – “It allows employees who require phones a way to receive support quickly rather than having to go through the Help Desk or other areas to receive assistance. If the device is stolen, it can be remotely wiped from the site, same goes for unlocks, changing policies, and re-enrollment of the device if it is accidentally wiped. Possibly a notification if a device is wiped and no longer has the security policy on the phone. The product can also install the certificates on the phone in a ‘smoother’ way. It currently sometimes fails and we have to re-enroll the device multiple times.” Read the full review here.

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