Review Roundup: SiSense Prism

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Today’s Review Roundup highlights a business intelligence solution called SiSense Prism. With so many BI products on the market, it’s hard to know which one is the right choice for your organization. Today we’ll look at what some of our real users have to say about their experiences using SiSense for their organization’s BI needs. Here are a few highlights direct from IT Central Station:


  • Andrew Vignuzzi, who is COO at a travel company says “Within a few months of purchase, we had what we needed: a near real-time dashboard that didn’t bog down the company’s servers no matter how many data sources it accessed, and a solution, intuitive enough to allow non-technical users to create their own reports.” Read his complete review here.
  • Matt Pithan, who is Head of Data Analytics at a retailer says “Prism offered the Elasticube Manager, which gave our data scientists the ability to compile data from multiple sources quickly and easily–a major advantage over other BI solutions.” Read his complete review here.
  • Lee Eckersley, who is a Business Analyst at a travel company says “I’d say that the greatest benefits of SiSense Prism are usability, rapid time to insight, no need to read a manual or learn a lot, no requirement for outside consulting, low-IT overhead, very fast processing speed and low total cost of ownership.” Read his complete review here.

Visit IT Central Station to read more full real user reviews of SiSense Prism and other BI tools including QlikView, Tableau, Microstrategy and many others.

These are just a sample of the many in-depth reviews you’ll find on IT Central Station. If you haven’t already, sign up, browse reviews and write your own review.


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