New Reviews for 2017: Talent Management Solutions Roundup

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In IT Central Station’s user community, 1690 users follow the Talent Management Solutions category. Users in our community have already contributed new reviews for Talent Management Solutions in 2017 for PeopleSoft, SuccessFactors, PageUp People, BambooHR and Saba Cloud.

Users discuss the valuable features of the solutions that they use, as well as where they see room for improvement.


Valuable Features

According to Seniorte516327, PeopleSoft is “One of the best on-prem ERP systems on the market with robust features. It is a complete suite with modules that fully cover all the needs of any business.”

Snrsysteea80 shares that “The payroll feature is very robust. They support a wide variety of technology. They are keeping up with these new technologies, so that means scalability is high.”

Room For Improvement

Despite this, Snrsysteea80 comments that “There are many areas in this product that can be improved, especially in regards to the EPM side.”

Seniorte516327 adds that “Upgrades are lengthy and costly.”

Roderick Fajarda agrees, pointing to “Processing speed and user-friendliness” as another area with room for improvement.

SAP SuccessFactors

Valuable Features

An HCM Team Lead at a Tech Services Company notes that “SF Learning and Employee Central are the most valuable modules in my experience. Employee Central is often the first full personnel backbone for a company. It offers all the possibilities to manage employee data, but even more important, it offers out-of-box headcount and strategic reporting.”

Greg Picozzi adds “We have multiple offices in different countries. This solution allowed us to consolidate all that data together without having to send spreadsheets and emails.”

Brian Levine writes “The role-based permissions functionality is beyond great (in my opinion) and is honestly more robust and flexible than any other security setup/process that we have with other business software.”

Room For Improvement

But Hcmteamlb020 would like to see “More functionality in time registration, calculation and payroll.”

Saphcmsu48a0 highlights that “Reporting is done in several tools and should be reduced to one tool.”

For Hrsoluti487c, “LMS, the admin tool, is quite complex and requires a lot of admin work.”

PageUp People

Valuable Features

According to Magdaline Pothitos, the most valuable feature of PageUp People Talent Management Solution is their “Candidate management: It’s a one-stop shop from the application stage, right through to offer and onboarding, learning and performance management.”

Recruiteaf9b agrees, writing that “It has eliminated the need for paper-based applications and candidate profiles. It’s also effective to create candidate pools and track the progress of applications.”

Seniorprf053 adds “I used the solution for bulk recruitment activities, so I personally really liked the ability to set up events, email large groups of candidates, and search based on application question responses.

Room For Improvement

However, Recruiteaf9b also sees room for improvement: “There are sometimes problems when loading the system; it can be very slow. Also, the advertising section in the original job card section, cannot be selected.”

Daniel Chilcott finds that “This product could be improved if it could manage contractors. Also, if training records could be uploaded in batches.”

Pothitos further writes that “Reporting could be improved.”


Valuable Features

Saleseng7859 enjoys that BambooHR “keeps everything easily accessible, from signed documents to outlines of our benefits plans, etc. It is really a one-stop shop.”

To Accounti2aac, “The most valuable feature for us is the time off request. It is very practical and useful.”

Meanwhile, Executivf1a9 shares that “The job openings are the most valuable for me because I use it the most. The BambooHR system makes it a lot faster for me to review and follow-up with candidates.”

Room For Improvement

Nonetheless, Generalib03d comments “We have encountered stability issues. The product can be unstable at times.”

Peopleop378b would like to see BambooHR improve “Their integration with formal HR systems and the payroll.”

Marvin Webb points out that “The performance appraisal system is too static and limited. It doesn’t leave room for different questions other than those provided.”

Saba Cloud

Valuable Features

For Associat3355, Saba Cloud Talent Management Solution’s most valuable features include “Features such as the auto waitlist, prescriptive rules and team approvals.”

Room For Improvement

However, Associat3355 also notes that “They can make it more simple in terms of UI. The UI is complex in regards to the navigation and functionality.”

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