Review Roundup Wireless LAN: HP vs. Cisco vs. Aerohive vs. Aruba

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This week’s review roundup features a fast growing category – Wireless LAN. These solutions comprise part of networking solutions and IT Central Station has many new reviews of real users sharing their experiences with the solutions they are using. To see the full comparisons, check out IT Central Station:

Cisco Wireless vs. HP Wireless

Aerohive vs. Aruba

Here are a few helpful excerpts:download

HP Wireless – “The main reason I chose to implement the HP WLC was due to the limitations of our previous Sonicwall WLC not being able to have layer three provisioning. I would say that feature is the most valuable. Improvements to My Organization: With our old wireless network, we had to put controllers at every location to have wireless access. This product allowed us to have one controller at our central location and still provide wireless to our outlying clinics.” Read the full review here.

Aruba Wireless – “The scalability is the key here. We operate in a multi-vendor environment, running proprietary and open source software as well as pretty much every OS in it. We have to be able to adjust features as we need them throughout the WLAN. Improvements to My Organization: WLAN is one of the major functions that allows employee movement without re-doing cabling etc. Room for Improvement: I haven’t encountered an area for improvement and am quite satisfied with the product.” Read the full review here.

Aerohive Wireless – “Easily make changes to the WLAN via the online portal rather than through a hardware controller. Reducing time spent by our team to make changes as when required. Room for Improvement: I personally think the user interface could do with touching up but that’s being overly critical as I can’t think of anything hardware related that requires improvement.” Read the full review here.

Cisco Wireless – “Right now more than 90% of our employees connect on wireless only. That minimizes a huge CapEx on LAN infrastructure. Users can connect from any of the offices of banglalink. Roaming is the biggest advantage we have got so far. For security purposes, certificate based authentication ensures that only banglalink employees can connect to those SSID. Room for Improvement: Reporting and Active Passive Failover on Controller.” Read the full review here.

You can read other reviews of Juniper, Avaya, and more. You can also see side by side comparisons for a useful research tool: For example, Aerohive vs. Avaya or Cisco vs. Juniper.





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