Google Apps Cloud Rival—Microsoft Office 365

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Google Apps must now go to the ring with cloud app rivals like Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft attacks GoogleComputerworld picked up an IDG News Service feed from by Juan Carlos Perez, who states, “Analysts say [Google Apps] need to improve its unified communications and enterprise social efforts or risk being left behind.”

Perez also describes how the Schumacher Group is taking a close look at Office 365. It’s CIO, Douglas Menefee says,  “We’re evaluating Office 365 and Google Apps, and discussing the strengths and weaknesses of both products,” he said. “Microsoft has made great strides with Office 365. The sleeping giant awoke two years ago.”

Read the full post here: Google Apps, once a leader, faces growing cloud app rivals

When you’re looking at unified communications and pushing your everyday office tools to the clouds, you might want to rely on the advice or experiences from real users of the apps—their relationships to the support teams, and just generally what works well or does not work well for specific environments.

For example, click here to view a page that looks like this:


You can then ask your peers directly what their challenges are and what they recommend.

Alternatively, you could start at the Platform as a Service (PaaS) page as well and then drill down to the solutions and reviews most relevant to your environment.

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