Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics CRM—Vendor Rugby

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Both Microsoft and Salesforce have been in a rugby match for the last 10 years for customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions.

In other words, poSalesforce_Microsoftssession of the “football” goes back and forth quite a bit. Both equally strong in helping enterprise vendors close the deals and meet revenue targets, they also have their fumbles and pitfalls.

Take a look at this comparison here on IT Central Station: Dynamics CRM vs.

You can also view a real user who dedicated a specific review that you might consider as the characterization of “The Rugby Match” – Salesforce versus Dynamics… the death match!

Now that you know people are talking about this match without any vendor input but the real users telling you how the solutions work in the field, you might want to get involved instead of just being on the sidelines.

Here’s two ways you can do that, you can comment on the review and get into a dialogue of Q and A with the reviewer or even someone else who commented.Question

Or, you can “inbox” the reviewer directly from the site. Just push the Ask Me a Question button shown to the right.

For more information about becoming a contributor. see Become a Contributor.

Checking out what others are saying about vendors can be critical to your success as a decision maker for your vendor solutions. Heck, just being informed about what “experts” are saying in the field might just give you enough oomph to your thought leadership credentials to help with whatever solutions you’re discussing. Keeping up with what’s going on is probably half the battle.

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