Why is the BBC Grumbling about SAP Business Objects?

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SAP WhiningSAP’s roadmap causes grumblings at the BBC—a typical challenge for most enterprises when considering their current and future BI solutions. The challenge often centers around current investment and the ability to afford upgrades and consequent license expenses.

In some cases, the upgrades are crucial for improved profitability based on better functionality. In other cases an enterprise might be holding down costs and cannot afford the upgrades, and might not even get the added value promised by the upgrades!

Do you think the whining is justified?

Let’s check out some of what Simon Griffiths, the head of the BBC’s finance intelligence team, said in this post:

“Where the product is going isn’t clear. Version BI 4.0 is out there now, but we are on a slightly older version of Business Objects. It is continually evolving and you always need to keep up with the game, but organisations that are looking to save cash don’t necessarily want to be forking out money all the time.”

Griffith further said that the BBC is now an organisation [British spelling and probably accent] that is ‘just managing cost’ after the license fee was fixed by the government for the coming decade, and that SAP’s recent acquisitions are confusing for end-users who don’t know what they mean for their existing investments.

You might need to compare this with what others are saying. Check out this excerpt from a favorable review on IT Central Station from another real user:

“Business Object is truly a scalable and complete business intelligence solution for larger organizations.  We have made use of the following components:  Live Office, Xcelsius, Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence.” Read the complete review here.

Also take a look at this comparison of Microsoft BI vs SAP Business Objects on IT Central Station.

This type of information is critical to enterprise tech buyers in many settings. Before vendor purchases—and during a heavy engagement with your current sales rep—hearing from your peers and others can help you make some good evaluations and comparisons that you would otherwise have to hunt for online.

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Access the product page for SAP Business Objects on IT Central Station here: Business Objects.

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