Server Monitoring Solution Reviews- Best of 2016

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IT Central Station users review the best server monitoring solutions of 2016.

Server monitoring solutions monitor your network for errors or slow components in your systems, notifying you of these issues for comprehensive network management. Our community has reviewed their server monitoring solutions throughout 2016 to help you pick the top server monitoring solution for your needs in 2017.


CA Unified Infrastructure Management

CA Unified Infrastructure Management was ranked number one by our reviewers. Some of the valuable features of this server monitoring solution that users like Sharif Alghowail appreciate include:

  • The nimbus architecture
  • Scalability
  • Modular design
  • Product coverage
  • Ease of deployment

Room for Improvement

But Craig Darnell points out areas that require improvement like “continuing to mature the SNP collector and the network side of the tools they’re still not as strong as they need to be.”


SevOne specializes in near real-time availability of raw data, virtual appliance installation, and the its ability tot separate and diagnose network issues. Ken O’Connor particularly likes features like capacity monitoring/reporting and graphing, netflow stats gathering, and infrastructure availability monitoring.

Room for Improvement

At the same time, Akash Tyagi would like to see application session tracking, improved virtual appliance scalability, and dashboard and report delivery.

Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle Enterprise Manager lets enterprise level professionals handle both on-premise and cloud-based IT within one single frame. IT Central Station users like Erik Benner appreciate this comprehensive approach, as he mentions in his review: “I think the neatest, most valuable feature of Enterprise Manager (OEM) is that single pane of glass for the whole stack, that it gives me as an admin the ability to look all the way up from my storage all the way up to the application tier.”

Room for Improvement

Still, Farooq Khalid notes: “Middleware (weblogic) has some bugs and crashes occur which should be fixed to make OEM more productive.”

Opsview Enterprise

Simply put by the IT Central Station tech experts, Opsview Enterprise makes it easier for sysadmins to do their jobs. This sentiment is found in numerous real user reviews, like the one from Joe Pothecary, where he says, “The system is very robust and very rarely breaks. It just sits there working, doing what’s expected. Very little maintenance is needed and the support is very good. I would say stability is the most valuable feature. I’m struggling to think of a time when it actually crashed or when we had a problem.”

Room for Improvement

Valentin Hobel does see room for improvement with the solution. For example, he says that “the API provided by Opsview is, compared to other monitoring solutions, not state of the art. It would be great to see that more efforts would be put into this part of the product. Furthermore I would love to see support for more database systems which are needed for storing configuration stuff and data.”

If you think Opsview Enterprise is a good solution for you, compare it to other options through these server monitoring software peer reviews.


Ranked number five according to the IT Central Station community, ScienceLogic is a solution intended to enhance the efficiency of businesses through constant network monitoring and reporting.

Arthur Panos writes: “Event creation, device relation building, and customization are excellent aspects of ScienceLogic for infrastructure and application monitoring. Dashboards are another excellent feature as that provides a visual representation to application owners and support teams.”

Room for Improvement

Jason Keck reports on a small area of improvement for ScienceLogic, and notes: “In many different areas of the product there are terminology inconsistencies, these inconsistencies are within the product and also within the IT world, these are definite area’s that need improvement; however with a little use they become second nature.”

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