Server Virtualization Software: What the Vendors Won’t Tell You

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We’ve all dealt with them–vendor hosted webinars, biased promotional material and the time consuming search for quality advice about enterprise IT products. Unfortunately, for a long time this was the best way to research IT solutions. Over the last several months, many of our users have helped to change this by chiming in about various products such as Server Virtualization Software and application performance management solutions. Fortunately for the enterprise tech community, these real users are providing our community with quality and unbiased reviews of the most popularly used products.

For me written reviews are great. They allow me to get a clear overview of the Table Discusionvarious products including their advantages and disadvantages. The problem which occasionally arises is when I want more details about what a reviewer has written. For example, one of the reviewers of Hyper-V wrote that it “Lacks advanced features of virtualization platform”, but what I really want to understand is what advanced features is he talking about and does my environment actually require those features. Yes, I could easily go ahead and contact the reviewer and wait for a response, however often I have several questions about more than one review (and this isn’t to say that the reviewer didn’t do an excellent job!) This is why we at IT Central Station have decided to host a Server Virtualization Peer Panel. This will allow current users to voice their opinions, further explain their experiences and help guide IT community members who are currently considering investing in these products. Most importantly, it will allow those interested in Server Virtualization Software to ask any specific question which they may have.

The webinar, which will take place on January 8th, will include a panel of real users who will discuss the pros and cons of various solutions, tips and tricks, and the secrets they have learned along the way. Instead of the commonplace vendor webinars which are centered on making a sales pitch, we have invited real users who will provide their unbiased opinions. These real users only goal will be to share their experiences with their peers and candidly answer any questions in an open discussion environment.

Join us on January 8th for ‘Server Virtualization: A User Perspective Roundtable

In addition, early registrants will receive the free whitepaper ‘Server Virtualization Secrets – A Peek at What Users Really Think.”


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