Got Server Virtualization Strategies?

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You’ve heard the vendor sales stuff about Server Virtualization—a lot to consider for IT Decision Makers now—virtualized servers, hosts, and apps running around without clothes on—jeez, maybe the whole data center!Server Virtualization Software

You don’t want to pretend that you see the clothes that aren’t there, do you? Hopefully your Server Virtualization plans won’t end up like the Emperor’s new clothes. [source]

For example, look what we found on TechRepublic‘s Site for “server virtualization”—(25238 results)—and mostly sales pitches. Yikes!

Instead, you’re figuring out how to be on the leading edge in your role as CIO, CTO, decision-making VP or any other role, aren’t you? Breath in, breath out, breath in—so you can leverage the most up-to-date virtualized environment in your organization—put your clothes back on silly.

We know just how to help you see better with your Virtualization Strategies from your peers on the front lines at IT Central Station and privately.

Here’s what you can do now:

  1. Start following top Server Virtualization Software on IT Central Station and any other Products and Vendors you want, and . . .
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By the way, here’s some products you can follow now:

Server VirtualizationHyper-V

Oracle VM

Citrix XenServer


Lead in the Virtualization Strategies for your organization by following Products and Vendors at IT Central Station! [and attending the PeerPanel™ Webinar]



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