Server Virtualization—Experts in the Field Speak Up!

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VMware’s vSphere, Microsoft’s Hyper-V, Oracle VM, and other server virtualization solutions have become pretty routine for most enterprise data centers—knowing the ins and outs of solutions from specific real-user environments can help you make a good decision about your infrastructure.

As the Yelp for CIO’s according to the Wall Street Journal, IT Central Station provides the platform for real-user experts in the field to speak up about server virtualization.

Server VirtualizationFor example, David Klee writes,
At the present time, you cannot go wrong with VMware’s vSphere suite. However, competitors are rapidly closing the gap, so watch the market closely over the next few years. I implement business-critical applications on vSphere for all sizes of business almost daily, and am proud to be a virtualization enthusiast. At the moment, VMware vSphere is my hypervisor of choice – without reservation.”

As a presenter at SQL Saturday for Database Health and Performance, David certainly knows what he’s talking about.

If you’re currently using VMware’s vSphere suite, add to the reviews or comment on the existing ones. If you’re in the market to revamp your data center with some server virtualization with vSphere or the competition, take a look at all the reviews from this page or go one-by-one from the links below:

Proxmox                          Vmware_logo

Proxmox VE      Hyper-V             vSphere            Oracle VM

Join in the tech-buying revolution today and add a review or comment on an existing one!

PS. If you want to be an expert reviewer, take a look at the requirements here.


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