Are You Surprised by Who’s Kicking Butt on Social Media?

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B2B Customers
B2B Customer Kicking Butt

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One of the hottest social media trends is now for B2B customers. Barry Levin at the CMSWwire has a nice run down of this recent news from Forrester: Forrester Report: The Social Media Habits of B2B Customers.

We fetched this key take-away from Barry’s post:

All business customers can be reached by social channels, and 98% of business decision-makers also read blogs, watch videos or listen to podcasts. “It’s no longer a question of whether you should use social, but how,” the report said. Just as B2B marketers target their customers for different stages of their customer lifecycle, so they now must factor in how social media is used in those stages.

He also points out that five years ago, discussing social media as a strategy for B2B made people side-eyed with skepticism.

Do you remember when someone on the marketing team said, “We just need a better white paper!”  Well, you need that too but most enterprise vendors are now asking the question in real executive-level meetings, “How are we doing on social media?” B2B customers are just using it—like crazy. Look at this graphic from the Forrester Survey:

Forrester_ReportForrester Logo

Guess who get’s mentioned in the post?  IT Central Station alongside Cisco and SAP communities!

Forrester notes that the most popular social communities tend to be niche ones focused on specific objectives, such as IT Central Station, Cisco Communities or SAP Community Network  and similar vendor-support forums or brand-related communities.

The Yelp-ification of the Enterprise

In this article by Influitive, 11 Business Technology Review Sites Where Your Advocates Can Praise You, our Station Master says:

“We’re 100% focused on the enterprise to meet the unique needs of enterprise buyers,” says Russell Rothstein, CEO of IT Central Station. ”Our visitors can be assured that the products they find in IT Central Station are ‘enterprise-class’ and high quality.”

The Wall Street Journal calls IT Central Station the “Yelp for CIOs.” Whether you’re a vendor finding out what folks are saying about your products or you’re a real user—peers helping peers in online social media is where you can kick butt finding the exact details you might need to make a crucial decision for your organization.

Take a peek here to do this now:

                       Cisco                   Ibm                  Vmware_logo               

Quality Center   Enterprise Routers   QualityStage   VMware ESXi    Oracle Data Mining

After you read one, write one, and then comment on two—reviews that is!


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