CIOs and IT Decision Makers Need Specific Social Networking Sites

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Wouldn’t it be helpful if CIOs and IT Decision Makers had a social networking site tailored specifically to their professional needs—where they speak the same language from the same framework of terms with real peers—and, find out more about a purchasing decision that ultimately adds value to their business bottom line?
[Yes]  Hint: Use a vertical social networking site!

Vertical Social Networking Article from BrainyardVertical Social Networking

Information Week’s Brainyard columnist, Debra Donston-Miller posted this last week, referring to IT Central Stationas a social networking site targeted at IT professionals,” and summarized the following:

“Businesses should take note of these kinds of specialized social networks for two reasons:

  • Your own employees may benefit from joining networks focused on your industry
  • Such networks provide a ready-made, targeted audience for content marketing and other branding and sales opportunities [. . .]

IT Central Station goes even further to define a trusted platform for its online social network that allows individuals to sign on anonymously when necessary and view the critical information they need from real users of their potential purchases. They can also work on branding, adding content, and emerging as leaders in their field by engaging in the online community with an identity. Either way works well in this platform.

As Russell Rothstein—founder and CEO of IT Central Station—posted in the Internet Evolution last month, “Technology pros need a way to exchange information with their peers without being hounded by vendors.

CIOs and IT Decision Makers need an alternative to traditional social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter, which often become vendor dominated in vertical niche markets instead of what would be more helpful such as having real users give their authentic opinions about how products work for them. When we’re suspicious of the marketingese,” we just want to click away. We know that most vendors can easily tell you how a product is supposed to work for you.

What’s more beneficial for most buyers is implementation-specific information that’s golden when making a purchasing decision.

For example, most IT vendors know how to avoid benchmarking discussions especially if they’re not that familiar with your specific enterprise needs. No fault to them—they do not want to over commit and under deliver.  You, as a CIO or IT Decision Maker, just want to engage with other real users of their products and services who might know more about the depth of your IT challenges. We all want to make successful decisions. You want to base your IT purchasing on multiple factors vetted beyond the more bias sales force emails, teleconferences, and demos.

Vertical Social Networking and Beyond

Debra concluded the following:

“Governance is especially important to users who work in highly regulated industries, which is why social networks are springing up all over in, for example, the finance, legal and healthcare spaces.”

She’s wants to know if you think vertical social networking is becoming the next big thing, and would like your comments [as we do too!]

Please take a moment to view the “Watch how it works” video on the  IT Central Station homepage.

Take a look at some reviews by category from this link and discover how IT Central Station can be the right fit for your vertical social networking needs.


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