SolarWinds LEM vs. LogRhythm vs. AccelOps: SIEM Review Roundup

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This week’s review roundup includes a selection from recent reviews of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions, and was written by IT Central Station community members.

SIEM technologies provide real-time analyses of security alerts, can log and track security events, and can generate reports based on those data. Choosing the right SIEM solution for your business can help ensure the smooth operation and availability of your network. Our community members have shared a range of informative reviews, giving readers real world experiences with a range of SIEM solutions. Read what our real users have to say: system-lock-screen

SolarWinds LEM – “We were suffering from a lack of visibility into our logs, so we implemented SolarWinds LEM. After building a few rules and alerts, we were notified when events happened before our end users notified us. Many times we were able to fix an issue before a call to the helpdesk was made. The initial setup was very easy to start getting logs to the solution.” Read the full SolarWinds LEM review.

LogRhythm – “LogRhythm allows our IT/IS teams to quickly identify issues across the enterprise. Searches can be performed using any known value, IP address, hostname, username, event….Report-building is in Crystal Reports and has a limitation. A non-editable template must be created, then the report is created against the template.” Read the full LogRhythm review.

AccelOps – “It gives greater visibility via the dashboards into the real-time status of the network. Additionally, it also provides specific alerts and performance monitoring… Ping monitors (STMs) are highly configurable, but…we have to go through three different processes and 30 minutes to get the ping monitor up with email notifications. It should have an easier way to configure some of these more common monitors.” Read the full AccelOps review.

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