Storage Management Software Reviews- Best of 2016

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Storage management software is crucial for keeping your entire network organized. These storage management solutions allow IT professionals to access and move information across data centers and virtual machines.

IT Central Station tech experts have reviewed their storage management solutions, and we you can see the five top-ranking storage management solutions according to our community. 


NetApp OnCommand

NetApp OnCommand is a storage management solution that provides enterprise professionals with extensive management capabilities and clustered Data ONTAP.

Matej Kocmur, an IT administrator, notes: “The most valuable feature is the system manager itself. The system manager helps us to manage our NetApp server with a user-friendly GUI instead of a CLI, but sometimes we also need to use the CLI, because some features are not available in the GUI. Most often, we use it to create aggregates, storage virtual machines, volumes, shares (like CIFS and NFS), and also to present disks (from NetApp) on some other physical or virtual machine to perform several tests.”

Room for Improvement

However, Kocmur says NetApp OnCommand needs a more intuitive, browser-based GUI, storage virtual machine management, and built-in reports at enterprise level.


EMC VPLEX storage management enables managers to access all information simultaneously and uninterrupted. According to IT Central Station user Mark Burgess, “VPLEX Metro is a storage virtualization appliance, that can simultaneously read/write to the same data across two data centres, consisting of Inter-cluster, host, and storage connectivity, Witness software, and 2 x FC switches per site.”

Room for Improvement

At the same time, Steven Johnston notes that VPLEX/VE supports VNXe and iSCSI only, a very limiting restriction.

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CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager

A mainframe storage manager (MainframeStgMgr057) reviewed CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager saying “The most valuable features are recording, treading, and automation because they help me support the system. I have many systems and being able to find out information that I can use instantaneously is a big help. Doing my job with a click on a button — you can’t put price on that.”

Room for Improvement

On the other hand, Chakib El Warari says “ It is a work-in-progress product. As and when we find issues, we contact their support team and they are always quick to react. I would like the data on the mainframe side to be compressed and extended.”

CA 1 Tape Management

The purpose behind CA 1 Tape Management is to simplify and unify the management and protection of z/OS tape data sets and volumes. As per the mainframe storage manager from the IT Central Station community, “It lets me know where my data is, where my files are, and what tapes are used.CA 1 is our intake management system, and it’s just a one of the best products out there.”

Room for Improvement

That being said, this same manager notes “Sometimes it doesn’t detect all chaining errors and the reporting on them could be improved as well.”

CA Allocate DASD Space and Placement

The CA Allocate DASD Space and Placement solution provides an automated way of fixing data on the fly. Community user MainframeStgMgr057 had a lot to say about this storage management vendor including, “It’s a space recovery product that helps us fix problems before they happen so we work on them after running a job.”

Room for Improvement

Of course, every solution has room for improvement. This same enterprise professional mentions CA Allocate DASD Space and Placement software needs better ease of support. When problems are detected, “I don’t have to touch a file. I want just to update what I want to update and it does the update itself.”

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