QlikView vs Cognos—Speed Skating for Business Intelligence

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Comparing business intelligence (BI) vendors can be as tough as the challenge of two speed skaters in an Olympic competition. Tableau vs CognosThe subtly of who wins can be as close as just one turn around the rink. Each solution promises a range of similar functions and a return on investment that inspires your decision.

Often it’s not the cost that determines the BI winner but rather what solution meets your specific needs. That’s why it’s always good to hear what your peers are saying from the field—or rink side—if you will.

Check out this run down of real users reviewing QlikView vs Cognos. We’ve highlighted two of them here:


QlikView Review  Real User: lazarmihai
Project Manager at a software R&D company with 1-500 employees
QlikView is a highly effective management tool, allowing …


IbmCognos Review  Real User: Malick
Project Manager at a tech company with 1-500 employees
Provides the users with flexible modeling environment that …

So what BI solution would you consider as your speed skater of choice? Here’s the top five BI vendors by reviews to consider when making a decision:

If you’re a vendor and want to get involved check out How do we engage with this community?  Regarding reviews, if you’re a real user of any BI solution follow this formula to hear from peers and demonstrate your expertise:

  1. Read one
  2. Write one
  3. Comment on two

Getting involved with what the Wall Street Journal calls the “Yelp for Enterprise IT” will have a huge impact on your buying decisions. To get more acquainted with social media for B2B, check out this post: IT Central Station Named One of the “Top 3 Highlights for B2B Tech Social Marketing



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