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Prioritizing Gartner’s APM Model – The APM Conceptual Framework

This week we are featuring a leader in the Application Performance Management (APM) field as our guest blogger. In addition to being the Director of Enterprise Application Services at The Auto Club Group, Larry Dragich is also one of our Expert Reviewers on IT Central Station.  Larry brings with him 23 years of IT experience including 7 years in the APM field. Contact us if you would like to be one of our guest bloggers.

Underneath the umbrella of partnering with the business, automating the alerts, and trending on performance comes Application Performance Management. APM has many benefits when implemented with the right support structure and sponsorship. It is the key for managing action, going red to green, and trending on performance.

Gartner has defined five dimensions for managing application performance and this article outlines how the Auto Club Group prioritizes each of these dimensions — based on our experience over the last six years spent fine tuning different facets of the model to better support the business.

It is important to understand that the technologies within each dimension are typically deployed by different owners and thus the priorities may be different with each stakeholder. I am suggesting from an overall APM perspective that there are certain areas of focus that will bear more fruit earlier on than others, as you work to cultivate the solution. These areas are referenced as “Primary” below, with the lower priority dimensions referenced as “Secondary”.

So where do you start with APM? Consider the APM Conceptual Framework to help prioritize your next actions:

APM Conceptual Framework helps prioritize what to focus on.
APM Conceptual Framework helps prioritize what to focus on.

The APM Conceptual Framework

End User Experience – (primary)

Real-time Application Monitoring also referred to as Top Down monitoring is the cornerstone that gives the EUE its tangible value. It’s been our experience that the Real User Monitoring (RUM) technology provides at least 80% of the APM value in terms of application visibility for the business and helps lay the foundation for performance trending and predictive analysis.

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