IT Infrastructure

Gartner CIO Agenda

CIO’s Agenda—Hunt and Harvest in a Digital World!

Gartner’s CIO Digital Agenda requires hunting and harvesting on top of tending to current end-user demands. CIOs need to get more from existing IT infrastructure systems and … Read more

Cloud Computing

EMC and VMware Go Cloud Computing Pivotal on Amazon

  With Amazon Web Services (AWS) leading as cloud computing champions, challengers have been scrambling to compete for the big enterprise-level contracts, especially as IT infrastructures transition from clunky data … Read more

VMware vs XenServer

XenServer vs VMware—Competing in Today’s Virtualization Marathon

Virtualization has become as an essential component of every CIO’s agenda.  Your virtual platforms must go the distance and work against all odds—you know, the increasing complexity of interdependent … Read more