Predictions for CIOs from Gartner, IDC, and More—and the Winner Is . . .

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Formula[CIOs] How to manage complexity whilst transforming the entire IT stack on the fly . . .

“With cloud, social, mobile and big data changing all traditional notions of IT deployment environments, collaborative paradigms, accessibility to information and transactions, and the volume, velocity and variety of data respectively, CIOs not only need to transform their entire IT stack, but do this on the fly whilst running the business. The scope of this task could be likened to changing all the vital components of a Formula 1 car whilst continuing to run the race.”

10 CIO considerations for disruptive trends in 2013 by Nicholas D. Evans

We’ve chosen Nick’s because his summarizes the challenge to CIOs after taking a close look at posts from IDC, Gartner, and several IT Vendors wanting your business. In short, CIOs must be innovators of IT from all platforms.

IDC’s CIO Agenda

Here’s five of IDC’s 10 published predictions:

  • Prediction 1—By 2016, LOB Executives Will Be Directly Involved in 80% of New IT Investments
  • Prediction 2—By 2015, 90% of IT Investments Will Be Evaluated in Terms of Strategic Goals
  • Prediction 3—CIOs and CFOs Will Move to “Zero Capital” and Transform the IT Financial Model
  • Prediction 4—In 2013, CIOs Deliver 3rd Platform Mash-Ups as Competitive Differentiators
  • Prediction 5—70% of CIOs Will Embrace a “Cloud First” Strategy in 2016

Read the rest here: IDC Releases Market Predictions for 2013: CIO Agenda

Gartner’s CIO Call for Managing Disruptive Innovation

These statements spearhead Gartner Top 2013 Predictions . . .

“The well-prepared CIO must remain nimble. Not doing so could mean the difference between success and failure in today’s hypercompetitive environment.”

“CIOs must actively manage disruptive innovation associated with the era of the Nexus of Forces (Cloud, Social, Mobile and Information) to justify new IT purchases and accelerate new initiatives.”

Innovation @ IT Central Station

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