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New Test Data Management Reviews: Roundup from Our Users

In this week’s Review Roundup, IT Central Station users compare and contrast the top test data management solutions on the market. Which features are most valuable? Which areas could be improved?

Continue reading to learn their answers.

CA Test Data Manager

Valuable Features

Senior Test Manager Virginia Messina describes how CA Test Data Manager “allowed us to really revolutionize the way that we are doing our testing. We use Test Data Manager to create synthetic data for our testing purposes.”

Messina also describes having to do “data archeology” with a legacy application whose original developers were no longer in her company, and that “Test Data Manager has allowed us to do that, capture the model, and then create the data on demand, saving us a huge amount of time and money in the process.”  

“I think what really sets Test Data Manager apart from the other competitors” writes Rich Jordan, “is the kind of the added extras that you get with doing true test data management, so you’ve got things like the cubing concepts that are grid tools, or data maker, kind of really brings to bear within test data management team.”

“The most valuable feature of the product is its ability to generate and scrub test data” writes Partner6894, sharing that “You can use it to pull data down from production and remove the customer’s private data…reliable automation so that your automated tests can run over and over again without failing due to bad data.”

Room for Improvement

Wesley Miller would like to see “improvement in the ease of the rule use.” Miller explains that “sometimes it gets a little cumbersome setting up some of the rules. I’d like to be able to see a rule inside of a rule inside of a rule; kind of an iterative process.”

“If I was going to look at one thing that I am hoping they are going to improve on”, says SnrSpeci572907, “is its programmatic abilities. It’s great in terms of referential integrity across multiple systems, multiple tables” he explains, “but I do find a couple of limitations every now and then, because of trying to maintain that referential integrity; that I have to go in and try to manually make sure I want to break things.”

Informatica Test Data Management

Valuable Features

Dalia El Hajj lists four main features provided by Informatica Test Data Management:

  • Data discovery
  • Data subsetting
  • Data masking
  • Data generation

“All of the features are strong”, she writes, “however my favorite is data masking...it provides many built-in rules and rules that we can customize to mask all types of data. The masking engine is very strong.”

Jijesh Janardhanan agrees with El Hajj, naming data masking as “the most valuable features of this product.”

Janardhanan also explains that thanks to the data masking features, he was able to “mask PHI and PII information” in his data before sharing it with the testing teams and the teams outside his organization.

Room for Improvement

Dalia El Hajj adds that “data discovery and the built-in policy packs are very simple; they need stronger ones.”

Jijesh Janardhanan also comments that “if there were some methods to mask data in the cloud, then that would be good.”

IBM InfoSphere Optim

Valuable Features

For SeniorTe925c, IBM InfoSphere Optim’s data masking and “test data environment setup and management” features are most valuable. SeniorTe925c explains that these features made it “really easy to obfuscate big tables involving lots of columns and to manage 100’s of tables without putting in much effort.”

Room for Improvement

However, SeniorTe925c also points out that rather than performing data masking alone, IBM InfoSphere Optim products “work their best when incorporated into a larger Test Data Management initiative” causing the process to take a longer time to run.

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