The Weekly Roundup – Eloqua Reviews

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This week’s roundup explores Oracle’s marketing automation tool, Eloqua. There are so many solutions on the market and it’s hard to know which is best for your organization. Today, let’s see what our real users are saying about Eloqua. Here are a few highlights direct from IT Central Station:

A lot of happy customers wrote five-star reviews for Eloqua. User vpofdema1604, who works for a software vendor wrote: “The strongest marketing automation platform in the market”. Simon.a.allen, who works for a media company wrote: “Great advanced marketing tool for the modern company”.


 MarcomMgr1121, who works for a technology services company, wrote about how it breaks down silos between marketing and sales: “We have been using Eloqua for four years and it has revolutionized our credibility as a marketing department with the sales team”.

Many of the reviews include constructive feedback on what needs improvement. Our user philapina, who works for a marketing services firm, gave it four stars, saying: “Advanced capabilities for closed-loop lead management, but needs a better UI and integration with marketing resource management”. User mktg411, who works for a software R&D company, gave it four stars: “Easy integration and intuitive user interface, but not suited for small companies”.

Dozens of real users have written reviews about the marketing automation and lead management tools they use every day. IT Central Station guarantees that all reviews are 100% genuine. We protect the privacy of the user community – we validate that the reviewers are real users of the products so that users can say what they really think and be heard!

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