The Weekly Roundup – Oracle VM

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weekly-roundupIn preparation for our Server Virtualization Round Table on January 8th, 2013, this week’s roundup looks at what people are saying about Oracle VM, a fully integrated enterprise management solution that is designed to enable rapid enterprise application deployment and simplify lifecycle management. Here are a few highlights:

  • Anon359 (Developer at a small Tech Consulting Firm) says: “The product offers [a] number of benefits to the users who often use multiple platforms. Though there are some disadvantages of the product which can be fixed with some workarounds.”
  • Anon361 (Operations Manager at a large Aerospace/defense firm) says: “Pricing is a major advantage in the case of Oracle VM. The software [is] freely available, and can therefore be used easily and tried first before acquiring the commercial software.”
  • Teenajain  (Developer at a small software company) says: “Oracle VM suffers from all the disadvantages of the Xen hypervisor’s OS-centric architecture, such as vulnerabilities from using a general-purpose management operating system, poor scalability, and incomplete or missing enterprise functionality.”
  • Ecom339 (eCommerce expert at a mid-size software company) says: “It provides enhancements for network and storage configuration, policy-based management for delivering application resource flexibility, and a GUI.

Oracle VM was awarded 4.5 stars by real users. Click here to see what else people are saying about Oracle VM and share your thoughts.

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